A House That is Made of Love and Dreams

HH Interior Design & Art Studio

HH Interior Design & Art Studio specializes in simplicity, clean lines, and modern interior design. HH has worked with over 30 clients in China and Taiwan. We believe interior design will always be about people and how they live.

The interier design of a living room in Taipei, September 2016
2016.Sep Taipei Taiwan | Client: Ms. Lin
An illustration of a living room

We Know Your Needs

We have everything you need to create your home now and in the future. With our trusted team and professional designers, we can ensure your project is as perfect and time efficient as possible.

A headshot of Hsin-Hui
Founder of HH Interior Design & Art Studio: Hsin-Hui

Design is a solution to a problem. Art is the question to a problem.-John Maeda

Experienced and Thoughtful Designer

Hsin-Hui Hsieh is the founder and creative influence behind HH Interior Design & Art Studio. After completing a Bachelor of Fine Arts at The National Taiwan University of Arts, Hsin-Hui started to pursue her dream of being an interior designer. Now, with 8 years of experience in residential and commercial design, she has decided to open HH Interior Design & Art Studio. Her works are pleasing combinations of functionality and aesthetics.

Hsin-Hui is not only an excellent interior designer but also an artist. Through her appealing and sentimental illustrations you can see how she creates her artwork in homes and paintings with detail and passion. She has also worked on several illustration projects with an award-winning film studio.